Sometimes I cannot believe how big he is getting. 

School has been going really well as of late. He has some good friends and really enjoys the "work" that they do. At times it is hard to get him to fill me in on his day but other times he does not stop talking about letters he is mastering or proudly showing me a number sheet or a new silly song which he will only share once he has memorized the entire tune. 

I am happy with the unique setting he is learning in which is a public Montessori school. I feel like he is getting to learn at his own pace and foster his interests. He pretty much starts all of his days in the classroom library thumbing through books. And it is awesome as a parent when you see your child arrive early and rather than chit chat with buddies he and his friends grab brooms to sweep up and get the room ready for the day.  Of course there are benchmarks to be reached but he is also garnering experience from being in a mixed age class of preschool, junior kindergarten, and kindergarten. He has friends of all ethnicities and backgrounds and I think it is pretty amazing that he goes to school with a boy named Zuma as well as a girl named Charlotte. The diversity is inspiring. I am excited to see him bloom and grow as he continues on his educational journey. I know I'm going to learn a lot, too!

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