Love it: Etsy Artist, Debbie Carlos

I have had a longtime love affair with Debbie Carlos's large scale engineer prints. Engineer prints are typically used in architectural and engineering work, hence the name but the grainy, grey and slightly imperfect design quality has always spoken to me. Perhaps it is because of the monumental size of the banal objects that suddenly transforms them into artist design. Either way, I have always loved the black and white ice cream cone, it is so whimsical and yet painterly all at the same time. 

This print reminds me of a Dutch painting such as Vermeer's Girl Reading a Letter a an Open Window (1657). The way the light is diffused and blankets the floor in softness harkens back to the way Vermeer is able to capture and freeze the sunshine dancing through a window. 

keep in mind when you see this simple print of a fallen petal from a ranunculus flower that the size is what makes these prints unique and eye-catching along with the image.  this one is 27x39".

Carlos also partners with artist from different mediums to create one of a kind collaborations. This print Polar is a reproduction of Bay Area fiber artist Meghan Shimek's wool roving weaving, based on traditional Navejo weaving techniques. 

So armed with the inspiration from Carlos I sought out to create my own engineer prints. I have an arsenal of interesting photos and I am trying to get in the habit of printing more out in various capacities so they do not just rot on my hard drive. I decided to have my images printed online through Photojojo. The first image is of our family cottage along the shores of Lake Michigan from the 1920's and while I clearly did not take this picture it is a beautiful representation of the Little Cottage in its original incarnation. The cottage has since been rebuilt but I spent many summers watching sunsets from the porch and hearing the wind whistle through the thin cottage walls. 

This print is also from the Little Cottage. And although it is in black and white it is actually an image of one the many beautiful sunsets we see when we are there in August. This too is a view that is unchanging and I'm quite positive that is I looked through and found all of the pictures that I have taken from this spot over the years the trees would practically line up. It is a special place for me and my family so I thought that it was fitting to hang it up in the Lemon's room. 

So whether you decide to buy a gorgeous print from Debbie Carlos or find one of your own to print in large scale you will not be disappointed with the impact that it make on a room.

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