After a nice walk with a lovely friend, full of refreshing and honest conversation I got to thinking of authenticity. I am a mom and that is my job. I have other interests, of course! But for right now that is a large part of what defines me. I struggle with that notion sometimes and I feel like I should be doing more. I get sucked in the land of Pinterest or I read other blogs and I think, well they seem to have the time to do such and such with their kids and keep their house sparkly clean. And I know that I too can come across on this space like all is well and we had an awesome week. Which may be true to some degree but I also have laundry taunting me upstairs that I am choosing to ignore and my oldest son is still hugging Huck too close, and Huck is seeming to drop hours of sleep rather than add to them.

So where is all of this rambling heading. I'm not entirely sure but I felt it fitting to say that picture above of Oliver, that is the face I usually sit across from at the dinner table. Cute. Sort of. Frustrating. Yes. Mealtimes with Oliver have always been a bit of a battle but he has been throwing off attitude and my fuse has been getting shorter and shorter. I feel like I have turned into the "no" lady around here and I sure do hope that we can navigate our way out of the fourteen year old behaviour soon.

And while we are at it, why has Huck taken to screaming in the car? Now part of the problem is that he decides he is either hungry or has a poop while in the car....thanks buddy. But honestly, being trapped in a vehicle with a screaming child is terrible, I do not recommend it.

Well, now this post seems to have turned into a bit of a whine fest which was not my intention but I felt it necessary to say that the images you see on here may not include the whole story. I may decide that cropping out that pile of laundry next to Huck is best (gosh, I really like to rant about laundry) or out of the 10 pictures I take of Oliver there are two where he is not throwing me shade or sticking out his tongue. I am trying. And working, yes raising babies is a lot of work. And I am building up my group of people in my life to help and that is a good thing.

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