See that big boy up there walking like he owns the street. Yup. That is my five year old not a fifteen year old. But boy, oh boy are we dealing with an emotional roller coaster of a five year old. Friends have informed me that the sassy, emotional mess that has taken over my sweet boy is just a part of the joys of having a five year old. He is flying off the handle and feeling overly emotional over the most irrational things; such as broken toast or feeling frustrated getting stuck on a word in a book. This is new territory for us. Sure Oliver had a few "tantrums" when he was younger but these are like def-con 10 meltdowns with tears, screaming, shaking with anger. So if anyone has any words of wisdom, I'm all ears. 

Then there is the little guy. He has one tooth. And with that one tooth he is eating everything, and I mean everything that we put in front of him. From the standard squeeze packs to the delightful puffs to chicken and bread. He loves it all.  We have joked for years that if we ever had another kiddo that kid would undoubtedly eat circles around our laboriously slow, protein disliking big boy. And low and behold it is turning out to be true. Huck is currently 21 lbs and Oliver weighs about 41lbs. You do the math. 

So I am hoping for calmer waters ahead with Oliver and I hope that Huck continues to eat and grow and kick the cold (and first ear infection) that he has acquired over the past few days. 

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