There are certain engraved aspects of a person that never cease, that never waiver and one of those traits in Oliver is how he curls his toes.  He has always sat on his feet. Ever since he was wee and I love that it is something that has developed into a part of what makes Oliver, Oliver. Also what I cannot get enough of my kids necks. They always smell like them and it is always one of my go to places for kisses.

Now let's talk about that Huck hiney. Look at those buns. I mean really?! Huck continues to be busy, busy, busy. Moving all the time. He has also been a little more needy. In that he really wants to be touching me all the time. I spend a lot of time on the floor with the mini man climbing all over me. Also on a personal note, Huck is 9 months old today. The same amount of time on the outside as he spent growing in me. How insane is that? Or is it just me? He has grown so much but iis still my littlest, my baby.

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