my two valentines. 


Two boys in the snow! One would stay for hours (Oliver) and the other will stay just long enough to get cold toes (Huck).


Related? I think, yes! Two goofballs, keeping me on my toes. 

Christchurch. Greymouth. Los Angeles.

Ok, here goes the last bundle of pictures. Let me just start by saying that New Zealand is as gorgeous as everyone says. Everywhere you look you see a spectacular view. Even within the city boundaries you can still see the mountains and gorgeous landscape. It truly is a special place. And I certainly hope we can go back some day. That being said at times it was a bit like having a beautiful cake plopped in front of you and then being told, no you cannot eat it. We could look but we could not taste all of the wonders that the south island of New Zealand holds mostly because of our kids ages but also because our time constraint.

But we did what we could and soaked in all of the scenery. We drove from Christchurch on the east coast to Greymouth on the west coast. This vehicular traverse of the country took a whopping three hours, ha! It was a beautiful drive through Arthur's Pass full of one-way (!) bridges and rambling roads. We stayed in Greymouth, explored the beach, met up with friends and then drove back to Christchurch for the duration of our trip.


Next up on the photo dump timeline is Sydney! We stayed in two different spots in Sydney. The first spot was near Manly Beach, which was quiet and lovely and a bit out of the way. The next space that we stayed was near Clovelly Beach which was closer to downtown Sydney. Sydney was a bit unexpected in some ways. It was A LOT bigger than I expected. It was a sprawling city, a bit like L.A. and the transportation was lack luster. The ferries were great but other than that you had to get on a city bus. There were no trams or trains. Which was surprising seeing as they have hosted the Olympics. But the what is wonderful about Sydney? The beaches! Going to the beach with the boys. Having Ollie go surfing for his 6th birthday. Swimming out beyond the break at Bondi Beach. Those are the big take aways for me.  So click through for a whole mess of pictures.


It's Monday. It's cold and windy and generally a day where I would like to curl up with a book and coffee. Alas that is not in the cards. Huck and I have kept ourselves busy with cooking and Ollie has been building cool cars out of legos that mustn't be touch while he's at school. 

After of weekend of highs (the women's march in Boston) and lows (the Donald is now mr. president). I'm donning my fuzzy socks, cooking warm meals and getting ready to participate in the women's march 10 actions/100 days (https://www.womensmarch.com/). 

Because those two boys deserve better. We all deserve better. 




Ok, I'm back. My computer has been on the fritz and I still need to get it totally up to speed  but I can actually access my pictures. So here are all of the photos from our two week Melbourne installment of our adventure. Scroll on through and have a visual adventure.

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