Post-flu shot ice cream trips and pre-nap trips to the boathouse. This week we have had hot days (we wore shorts and flip flops) and then back to the cooler, fall temps.  This weekend is the Head of the Charles Regatta and with that the boathouse is a buzz with excitement and a little bit of drama. We always hope that the weather will be spectacular but this year it seems that it will be a bit grey and windy. Oh the wind. Pretty sure most rowers would rather have a little bit of rain rather than gusty wind. 

In other news we are packing...or trying to pack. For our amazing adventure down under. I am staring down the gauntlet of approximately 20 hours of plane travel with two kiddos. We first fly to L.A. and then onward to Auckland, New Zealand. Does anyone have and pearls of travel wisdom? How to get kids to sleep on a long haul flight? Any and all information would be grand!

a walk in the woods.

A walk in the woods on a beautiful fall day. The crunch of leaves underfoot and the warm sunshine on your back. This is why I love autumn in New England. A couple of weeks ago there was no school mid week and it was an epic, bluebird sky kind of day that was beckoning you to go outside. So outside we went. We explored the Ward Reservation in Andover, MA just a quick drive north of the city. Armed with snacks and our good friends; Rebecca and Benjamin we trotted off into the woods. One of the reasons why I picked this destination was because it seemed to be manageable for little legs and at the top of Holt Hill there is a view of the Boston skyline as well as a compass rose of sorts made our of granite stones, aptly named the "Solstice Stones". 

We had a lovely day filled with telling stories (a lot of Star Wars from the boys), spotting unique trees and colorful leaves, and navigating the trail as it rambled through the woods. The big boys enjoyed each others company greatly and Huck was a trooper well past his naptime. And of course Rebecca and I had a delightful time chatting and taking full advantage of both being shutterbugs and taking a whole mess of pictures. 

 A cascading ombre of autumnal leaves.

 unique twisting trees.

 there was an amazing light green hue to the bark.

 smooth and worn, this fallen tree was beautiful.

The "Solstice Stones" mark the summit of Holt Hill. The arrangement of the stones indicates the cardinal points on the compass, the points of the summer and winter solstices, and the points of the spring and autumnal equinoxes. 

 touching and exploring and asking questions.

a perfect, tiny leaf (they are my favourite, thanks Rebecca).


Playing some massive catchup here. Tired has been the name of the game around here lately. Huck had been getting up super early and I have found that the few minutes that I have to myself are filled with eating some lunch, consuming too much coffee or frankly just sitting and trying to stop the wheels in my head from spinning out of control. 

Two boys. Two brothers. Two different kids. Two lovely human beings. Two hearts. Two men. Lucky me to watch them grow and shift and change together. Lucky them to have each other. 


Playgrounds. Crisp leaves. Knit hats. Fleece jackets. Welcome Fall, my very favourite season of them all.


Our annual trip to go apple picking. This is such a wonderful day out as a family, especially when you get an amazing bluebird sky day like we did. 


Get outside. 

Seems easy, right? And it is for the most part. We walk to a lot of places in our neighborhood. We play at our neighborhood park just about everyday, sometimes twice a day. But it is a different kind of outside from the rural Massachusetts woods that I could romp and explore in my own backyard. I still love the dappled light reflected through a white pine tree and the soft bed of pine needles that you tromp through in a New England woods. I love being able to look around and see moss covered rocks and large granite boulders that appear out of nowhere in the dense brush. These are the sights and smells of my childhood. And although I love that I am raising city boys I also want to make sure that we spend time in the tall pine trees and scramble up granite rocks.  


Me and my boys. I love them with every fiber of my being. I have so many ideas and dreams and hopes for the men that they will become. 

They are also both well versed in the ability to drive their mother insane. But not matter how crazy it gets and how tired I feel I truly would not change a thing. Maybe I would change the hour that Huck wakes up at (really buddy 5am, again?!) or how Oliver is sooooo slow and laborious when he sits down to a meal (you love chicken tacos...just eat it!). But overall I consider myself a lucky lady to watch these mini men grow and change and shift. 

Parenting is a tough gig and there are days that I wish I could just call in sick or hide in my bedroom with a lot of coffee and a good book. But that's the trick about becoming a parent. You see so much of yourself reflected in your children; the good and the bad bits and you have to confront those parts of yourself in them even if they are bits that you are still struggling with (ahem, my temper). But as I said before, they are mine and I get to keep them and I get to be a part of them growing up. What a treat. 

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