Last bit of catch up...until tomorrow. brrrrr. the Head of the Charles Regatta was last weekend. We had a nice time seeing friends and watching some racing but man it was cold. 


tubby time and lots of patterns. 


just playing a little photo catch up. I am always a sucker for a sound sleeping boy. and sometimes I just need to snap a picture. and oh my goodness that goofy little boy is such a happy little person. 


My boys in black and white. We have been taking advantage of some warm fall days and heading out for hikes at the Middlesex Fells Reservation.  On our most recent excursion we headed up to the water tower where we saw a hawk circling and got a lovely view of the city. Oliver then proceeded to jump from rock to rock to rock and then pretend to be a tiger for the remainder of the walk back to the car.  

rock jumper. 


Whole 30...complete!

Done! Success! Matt and I celebrated by going for bagels at Bagelsaurus. Let me tell you a delightfully soft pretzel bagel with housemade mustard butter has never tasted more amazing! All in all the Whole 30 was a good experience. Both Matt and I lost a few pounds and I feel like I gained a bit more energy throughout the day but nothing earth shattering. I do think it was a good reboot for my system and I also will be curious to see how I feel about the more sweet items that I can actually eat and not just stare at like a sad puppy when I'm at the coffee shop.


Two half nakey boys. Oliver on one last Walden Pond excursion on an unexpectedly warm day. We walked about halfway around and then he asked if he could go swimming. Well I did not have his swim trunks so I just stripped him down to his Captain America undies and in he went! He thought he had struck gold and had a ball splashing around and throwing rocks. Nakey boy #2. Isn't is always the way that you take your kid to the doctor they get sick so you have to take them back to the doctor?! Huck had his 4 month appointment and then a mere 5 days later he was back with a "developing" ear infection. Oh well, at least he is cute.   

my little naturalist. "The world is but a canvas to our imagination." - Thoreau 

first solids! ah, I cannot believe we are even starting this process. Huck maybe thought the idea was neat but in practice he does not like the mouth feel of blitzed up oatmeal, yet. 

me and my boys. 

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