Oh summer time! You have arrived and we are trying to soak up the pleasant sunny days and cool nights of June before the hot muggy weather settles over the city later in the summer. 

we planted a few herbs and tomato plants on our patio and Oliver has been a great helper watering them in the morning before camp.

continue reading to see our adventures as of late...


Our internet and cable have been out for  four days. Bummer. We got it fixed today. Yay! So I have some more pics to post from strawberry picking and park antics. But for now here is my sweet bug getting cleaned up after a particular messy day at the park. 

Random food fact.

How do you pick the best avocado at the market? First, pick a darker colored one for Hass avocado. Second, and here is the trick. Don't squeeze it. Rather just pop the little stem bit off. Is it light green and unblemished? You found a winner! If you cannot pop the stem off then it is not ready and if there are brown speckles in the green then it may be too squishy. Pretty easy, right? 

Link it: I'm (not) Fancy

I have been reading Girls With Glasses for a while and I love how candid Brooke and Summer are about being moms and also have a company together. It honestly seems like they have so much fun putting together their videos and other projects! This video is a parody of Iggy Azalea's Fancy and it just makes me giggle, especially since Oliver always asks me to turn up the song on the radio! So happy Friday and enjoy the silly video.


Happy as a clam at our first real beach outing of the summer. This year we have a beach pass to a beach on the North Shore, Crane Beach which is great, especially if you get there early! We ran around A LOT, we dug in the sand A LOT, and we even braved the water A LOT...seeing a trend. We were both pretty wiped by the time we got home but I cannot wait to go back and build more sand castles (just so we can stomp them in to oblivion). 

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Taste it: breakfast for dinner; sweet potato hash

Here is an easy dinner idea that is full of some of my favourite items like sweet potatoes and over easy eggs, a glorious sweet potato hash. Who doesn't love breakfast items for dinner? Well, if you do then I am sorry for what you are missing out on and thankfully no one at our house turns down a dinner of items that are more likely seen at breakfast rather than dinner. This meal comes together pretty quickly so it is perfect for a crazy evening or even a hot one where you do not want your oven turned on. 

click through for the complete recipe.

Make it: bleach design napkins

I know it's been a while since I've posted a craft on the blog. Traveling and then home and then Oliver wrapping up school I have not had the time. I actually made these napkins a little bit ago but they are a perfect summertime craft and they would make a great gift or just a way to spruce up your summertime table. 

Click through for the complete directions

Father's Day ideas...

Father's Day is Sunday and here are a few cute ideas if you still are looking for something sweet and fun. 
a custom cutting board by AHeirloom 

 the coolest t-shirt for Dad 
 stamped brass keychains to keep track of all of his keys.
tasty, boozy jams that are sweet and savory. 


today was Oliver's last day of school. It is crazy to think that he is finished with his second year of pre-school. He was so sweet saying good bye to his friends and his fabulous teachers. He just keeps getting bigger and his vocabulary is through the roof. He is cheeky and pushing buttons but then he comes out with hilarious phrases and antics. I love to hate this phase, this age, and yet I know it will keep on shifting and he will keep on growing. I am looking forward to the summer time trips and beginning to really seed some good, strong memories in my bug's head. Here's to summer!

Amsterdam part 3.

Here is the last of the photos from our trip.  Before we went to the Rijksmuseum Oliver played in the playground. He climbed up and around and would have stayed put all day long.  
windblown and handsome. 

cute as buttons.

true story in my is therapy 

 Oliver loved all of the pictures and models of the ships.

on our way out, in the garden their was a fun fountain the sprayed water in a timed fashion so that you could sneak into the middle and then the water would spray all around you and keep you dry. it was fun! 

i got to sneak away during Oliver's nap and go the the Contemporary art museum, the Stedelijk museum.

Sol Lewitt 

Dan Flavin

Marcel Waters

Joseph Bueys

Everyone takes their three and a half year old to the Heineken Experience Tour, right?!  

ready to go.

free drink with a bug on my back.

family photo!

off to dinner!

seriously tasty thin crust, Italian style pizza at a local neighborhood spot; De Pizzakamer

We found a fabulous breakfast spot called Bakers & Roasters.

it was worth the wait!

home again...happy to be home! it was a fabulous trip and I am so happy that Oliver enjoyed traveling as much as Matt and I do. 

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