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Perhaps it is because of the weather, ahem it is a high of 19 degrees today! But I think because at a multitude of points during this cold, cold, did I mention cold winter we have spent time inside our house baking, listening to music, building elaborate train tracks; I feel like I have become intimately familiar with the creaks of the floorboards, the tick of the heater and the way the light shifts through our curtains. This is our 2nd winter in this house (3rd back in New England) and I finally feel like it is ours, like we are home. I find that I no longer wake up in the earlier hours of the morning and think of things to explore in San Francisco rather than Boston. I have found farmers markets and coffee shops and art and friends and I feel like we belong, we fit right here in our little corner of North Cambridge.  So although I am anxiously waiting for Spring to make an appearance I am also glad to feel the soft wool rug under my feet, make another cup of coffee and sit in our home. My links are inspired by what is underfoot: home. 

2. Giclee print from Mer Mag 

my cheesy little soap note to M before an early morning trip. Have a homey weekend!

Love it: Izola; Beautiful and Utilitarian Everyday Objects

I love when I find a company that is centered around useful and beautiful objects. Why not decorate your doorstep, bedside table and bathroom with well designed items? That is precisely the goal of NYC based Izola. A wonderfully curated company that has delightful items for the home, travel and gifts geared towards men but I do not feel that they are only for the guys. I love the selection of candles and water bottles with simple text based designs. 

Doormat that speaks the truth.

Streamlined travel companion, stainless steel water bottle.

A non-floral candle that everyone in the house can agree on.

A sweet whimsical pocket style watch that is perfect for traveling. Because sometimes it is nice to not have to use your iPhone as an alarm clock when on the road.

A beautifully designed soap with equally beautiful ingredients.

All images sourced from Izola


Up after a nap watching our neighbors hack at the ice skating rink that is our driveway, we got it cleared out just in time for more freezing temps...Spring? Oh, Spring? Where are you?

More pictures.

Taste it: Sunday Roast Chicken with a twist

First of all, do you like the new look! Simple and clean lines so that the text and images can shine through! Okay onto the food post.

Every now and again I like to do a nice Sunday dinner with a roast chicken and potatoes and veg and all of the tasty bits that go along with the meal to cap off a weekend. But you know what? Making a traditional Sunday dinner takes a lot of time. But you know what is even better? You can make this entire meal ahead of time and then reheat it before serving...genius, I think so. 

Continue reading for all of the delightful, time saving recipes!

Make it: Paper Crowns, Foam Buildings and Monster Drawings...

This is a medley of make it's from our weekend outing at MassArt's Family Day. Twice a year the students at MassArt open a gallery and fill it with interactive activities centered around the art and installations. It was our first time going to the Family Day and it was a wonderful event. All of the art education students were great with the kids and Oliver particularly loved being able to ask question and even activate some of the works. Their were also crafts. Oliver and I made a cool Max from the "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired crown and he also helped draw a monster as well as build his own foam block sculpture. 

"and they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws..."

helping to sketch out monsters.

building, ever thoughtful buildings.

being observant.

chilling, watching some video art.

museum hands. 

This has to be one of my favourite aspects of living in the city. Nearly every weekend we can find something to do out and about in the city. From art museums to ski trips to bookstores and new lunch spots there is so much to explore. So finding a fun family centered event like this at MassArt was perfect for us this past weekend. 

Link it: around the world wide web

Happy Friday! It is a grey, dreary day here today. One of those days where everything you try to do takes you three times as long as it should.  So below you will find some pops of bright colors, tasty looking recipes, cheeky products and a fun photography project. Enjoy! Think sunshiney thoughts! Bring on the vitamin D.

Oh Joy! and other fabulous sites Poppytalk and Wit and Delight are partnering up with Target to create colorful and curated party ideas and decorations. Bring on the parties!

How fun is this product? Foodie Dice let you roll your way to inspiration for dinner. There are 9 dice in total that when rolled reveal cooking methods and ingredients. So I suppose the question is, are you feeling lucky?

Oh, Jaimie Oliver, you had me at "crunchy little stuffing balls"! This is a beautiful Sunday dinner recipe with warm flavors for a cold, damp evening.

This is an amusing photo project by QOZOP who takes photos of children and parents swapping clothes. The side by side images are both sweet and humorous. A fabulous way to see a bit of oneself in your parents. 

Waiting...waiting...waiting for Spring. Must find some patience. Have a warm weekend.

Love it: Dainty Rings

I love my rings. Everyday I wear my engagement ring, wedding ring and a five year anniversary ring as well as an aquamarine ring for my son's birth. But that being said I still love looking at all of the beautiful, dainty, sweet rings that designers are creating. Below you can find a few of my most recent favourites.

The "Kennedy" by Tarin Thomas. I love the emerald cut of the two balanced aquamarine stones. I also think that the negative space left by space between the stones is a modern touch.

I adore the classic design of this E.W.O. ring by Jennie Kwon.  But again I think what makes it a contemporary piece is the use of black onyx.  

And lastly a ring that is quickly becoming a classic, the Heart ring in rose gold by Catbird. This would be a sweet gift for so many occasions; birthdays, anniversary, or even cute bridesmaid gifts. 

So there you go, just a few little sparkly bits that I love from around the web. 


We are surrounded by snow and I have shoveled our driveway more times than I care to count and now throw in the fact that Oliver is on school vacation and I do believe that I am ready for Spring to come knocking on our door. So Oliver and I have been trying our best to keep ourselves busy both inside and out.

Keep reading for our adventures...

Taste it: Cheese Stuffed Mini Chicken Meatloaves!

That's right, cheese stuffed mini chicken meatloaves! Try saying that five times fast. These little bites are delicious and come together really quickly. If you make the chicken mixture ahead of time it turns into a super quick dinner, great for a weeknight meal. 

Continue reading for the entire tasty and might I add whimsical recipe...I mean you cook them in a muffin pan for pete's sake!

Make it: DIY Twisted Headband

Who has old tank tops and t-shirts that are headed to a donation pile? I know I do. I try to go through my clothes every now and again to get rid of really old stuff or things that I do not wear anymore. So when I came across this tutorial about how to turn soft t-shirts into a headband, I jumped at the idea.

Turns out it is super easy and I think these headbands are great for working out or helping with a bad hair day. 

Click through for the full tutorial.

Bits and pieces

Starts with coffee and ends with more are the bit and pieces from our Saturday.
coffee and a grocery list

mama made an epic track...pat on the back.

a wee bit of coloring.

then we bundled up for a brunch date at Mr. Crepe.

Ezra, such a pensive little guy.

ready to dig into our apple, brown sugar and cinnamon crepe, yum!

so sweet.

handsome boy #1, Oliver

handsome boy #2, Benjamin

we then headed to the market, traversing ice and snow and made a book reading pit stop at Porter Square Books.

passed out.

i had to wake him up...he was not pleased.

warm tub before dinner.

an evening of falling snow and Olympics after the bug goes to bed. 

all in all a enjoyable, local filled Saturday. 

Link it: Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day! We keep it pretty simple around our house with a couple of cute cards and a few sweet treats. But of course I like to peruse some shops online for sweet items as well. An online shop that I adore is Leif.

sweet scarf made of wool and silk.

floral note with a lovely message.

water bottle with a cause by BKR which send a portion of proceeds to the Obakki and Canary Foundations, dedicated to delivering water and education to people in Africa. 

Festive cutlery for a bon fĂȘte.

A box matches to light up the night.

Have a lovely, lovey day!

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