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New year. New look. I have been thinking about simplifying my blog for some time now. When I started this space it was more about my interests and my recipes and of course about my oldest but as time has ticked my this space has turned into more of a living love letter. To my boys. A place where I document them weekly with snapshots. A place where I can write notes to them and celebrate their milestones and birthdays. A place to watch them grow. I will hopefully still post the occasional recipe or breakdown a trip or review an art show but now I can truly just let this space exist for what it is, documenting my everyday adventures with my two mini side kicks. 


It always feels nice to come home after a long yet fulfilling trip away. Even if we are still climbing out from underneath all of the (clean) laundry piles that are begging to be put away. And our refrigerator is a bit sparse. It is good to be home.

Oliver clearly loved that flying aspect of the trip because it has reignited his love for his planes. He has been carefully lining them up and sending them off to various destinations. Some that we have been to like Chicago and Whistler and Michigan. But then he throws in Mexico and Spain. Perhaps he is telling us something about our next destination?

Huck overall proved to be a good little traveler and has adjusted to being home fairly smoothly. We have had a couple of crazy nights but then he will sleep through the night (or close to it) and all is forgiven. He has also been able to entertain himself for small pockets of time. This is amazing and something that as a baby Oliver never did. But set Huck up with a pile of blocks his favourite book and I have a few minutes to make a coffee, do some dishes or (gasp) use the potty on my own (isn't motherhood glamorous).

Whistler 3/3

We started our journey home by heading back down to Vancouver on Friday morning and spending the day adventuring around the city. And what a lovely city to spend the day exploring. We all thoroughly enjoyed seeing the waterfront, taking a water taxi to Granville Island Public Market, driving through Stanley park and taking in the Vancouver Aquarium.  I know that Vancouver will be on our list of places to return to.

we grabbed lunch at the Granville Island Public market. 

We also found an amazing little spot after lunch appropriately called The Adventure Zone. It was a kid friendly building with sweet shops, toy and bookstores, as well as arcade games. Ollie had a blast playing a few games and picking out a cheap, plastic, I mean truly amazing toy with his winning tickets.

OSGEMEOS (the twins), a Brazilian public art duo created a monumental, 360-degree, 70-foot tall mural on Granville Island. They also did and installation in Dewey Sq. in Boston entitled 'The Giant of Boston' in conjunction with their ICA Boston exhibition. 

water taxi back to Vancouver. 

We stopped in Stanley Park on our way to the Aquarium to see the First Nation's totems. 


 a family selfie with everyone looking...it's amazing!

We had the intention of wandering around the Vancouver Aquarium until we headed to dinner but we quickly realized upon our arrival that the aquarium was only open for another hour! So it was more of a speed walk through the exhibits but we still enjoyed seeing as much as we could. The jellyfish were especially spectacular.  


Chatting. I am getting so excited to see their sweet little relationship grow.

We headed out to dinner and then it was off to bed and then a long day of travel on Saturday. Cheers to vacations!

Whistler 2/3

It was a real treat to see snow! I know, I know last year all we did was complain about getting nailed by snowstorm after snowstorm but this year before our trip we had not seen nary a flake. And I do love Winter. I love playing in the snow so it was nice to finally be privy to some of the white stuff. 

One of the fabulous aspects of going to Whistler was that there were a lot of activities to do beyond the ski slopes. Whistler village is a fun place to eat and walk around but there is also ice skating and sledding and a tubing park. On our first full day at Whistler we jumped right in. Going skating and eating lunch at a pub. Then later that night Oliver and I went back to the mountain to see the Fire and Ice show which made for an exciting end to the day. 

Then it was time to hit the slopes. Oliver had ski school for three days and so Matt and I took turns watching Huck and skiing. I have not been skiing in a couple of years but I was pleasantly surprised to get my feet under me and really enjoyed exploring all of the mountains and various terrain.

loving the snow!

Huck meet snow, snow meet Huck.

skating adventures. I think Oliver thought he would just cruise around like the hockey players we watch on the telly. hmmm, no such luck buddy boy, it takes a lot of practice. 

out at the mountain at night for the Fire and Ice show. 

Oliver got a light up swizzle stick thing...fun was had. 

jumper through the ring of fire. 

big boys. 

watching the ski tech get all of his kit ready for ski school. 

Ready to rock. Oliver did so well at ski school (even after he peed his pants on the mountain) he started in level 1 and moved up each day, finishing by advancing to level 2! pretty good for his first out West ski adventure and his first time on skis for the season.

   a few shots I took out on the mountains.

  it is so majestic out West.

windy and cold the day I went up to the peak of Whistler.

ski bum.

goofball living it up.

love my adventurous, brave big boy. 

 if you are ever in Whistler you must run, not walk to Pure Bread. It is an amazing bakery and coffee shop. gluttonous. 

more skating with daddy

the snuggle is real back at the condo. 

cheers! a big finale dinner out on our last night. 

I did say BIG didn't I. Still holding his french fry. 

We had a great trip to Whistler. It was overall really family friendly and we were so thankful to have a condo to go back to each night. It gave everyone some much needed down time. I definitely see us making our way back to the mountains of Whistler for another family holiday!

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