Oh the dark winter months. We have been blessed with a mild start to this winter but we all know that the snow is knocking on our door along with the cold that makes you just want to wear a scarf all day long and curl up on the couch. Well it turns out that embracing that cozy factor could be just what you need in order to crack the winter doldrums. This magical, mystical feeling is "hygge", the Danish word roughly translates to "coziness".  In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. There's nothing more hygge than sitting round a table, discussing the big and small things in life. Perhaps hygge explains why the Danes are the happiest people in the world?  It has been a bit of a buzzword around the internet but I really think that there is something to it. We already eat dinner as a family but we have started lighting candles every night and it does make it a little more special and yes, cozy. So bring on the old man winter. We are ready with hot cocoa, board games, legos and plenty of warm, fuzzy socks. 

loving on his blocks.

Legos...and more Legos. 

board games!

sweet, warm snuggles.


Happy Thanksgiving!! We are hosting this year and keeping it small which means that our house smells like turkey and all of the fixins. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays but I do have to say now that I am a Mom it is even more important. It is a time to reflect and to also look ahead. It is a holiday not centered around stuff because goodness knows we all have too much of that already! We all get to sit around a table, light some candles, drink some wine and enjoy a full home cooked meal and what is better and more comforting than that!? 

mr. blueberry eyes. 

helping me make the pumpkin pie 

playing at a new park in Davis Sq.  



mood 1. trying to talk me into something...even though we were already headed down the road to get Verna's doughnuts for breakie. 

mood 2. clearly NOT getting his way and he has entered sass mode. I am clearly treating him poorly (ahem...doughnuts, Oliver!) 

mr. happy pants at his 6 month dr. appointment. And yes, you read that correctly, Huck is 6 months old. I can barely stand it. He did wonderfully and loved hamming it up for the doctors, nurses, as well as that handsome baby stuck in the mirror. Here are the nugget's stats. Weight: 18lbs 11oz (71%) Height: 27.5" (82%) Noggin: 46.4cm (99%). All in all he did really well although the doctor did say he can and should be sleeping through the night...tell that to Huck who eats up to 12oz of food overnight! Oh and he was giggling for the nurse until she jabbed him with four shots. Poor baby turned beet red and yelled directly at her, not me. He stopped crying pretty much straightaway after I picked him up but he was giving that nurse the stink eye.   

two cheeky boys.

i really do like him...a lot. 


a rub a dub dub...silly boy in a tub.  sometimes when you are sick you just need to take a tub and although he protested at first Oliver stayed in the bubble bath until his fingers and toes were wrinkled and he in fact did feel better. See Mama knows how to fix it, sometimes!

messy face...messy eater...this kid eats ALL the time. Some of it goes into his mouth. 

all three of my boys chic chatting away. there is a lot of love in our house. 

A Walk in the Woods.

Over the weekend we went to the Middlesex Fells Reservation to go for a hike along the Skyline Trail. We have been so lucky to have some beautiful, bright, sunny weather that I wish we could bottle it up and re-live it in the depths of winter. 

click through to see more from our walk in the woods...


focused and intent coloring face. daylight savings is pretty brutal on families with kids.


these two boys of mine are getting so big!


playing a bit more catch up...i really need to carve out some time to write a proper post. soon, i hope.

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