mood 1. trying to talk me into something...even though we were already headed down the road to get Verna's doughnuts for breakie. 

mood 2. clearly NOT getting his way and he has entered sass mode. I am clearly treating him poorly (ahem...doughnuts, Oliver!) 

mr. happy pants at his 6 month dr. appointment. And yes, you read that correctly, Huck is 6 months old. I can barely stand it. He did wonderfully and loved hamming it up for the doctors, nurses, as well as that handsome baby stuck in the mirror. Here are the nugget's stats. Weight: 18lbs 11oz (71%) Height: 27.5" (82%) Noggin: 46.4cm (99%). All in all he did really well although the doctor did say he can and should be sleeping through the night...tell that to Huck who eats up to 12oz of food overnight! Oh and he was giggling for the nurse until she jabbed him with four shots. Poor baby turned beet red and yelled directly at her, not me. He stopped crying pretty much straightaway after I picked him up but he was giving that nurse the stink eye.   

two cheeky boys.

i really do like him...a lot. 

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