Gearing up.

We are gearing up for a possibly historic blizzard that is going to roll in tonight and stay dumping up to 30" of snow through Tuesday night. We have had such a mild winter so far so it seems to be inducing a bit more panic than normal. Take for instance my "quick" run to Trader Joe's last night.  I quite literally needed four items. That is all. Well as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I knew I was in for it. It was jammed. And then I parked and walked up to the front door. I did not even need a cart but thank goodness because there were no carts. I have never seen that. Stepping inside Trader Joe's was more like stepping into a crowded bar on a Saturday night. So. Many. People. And again let's remember I needed four items. I made it through mostly unscathed and headed home.    

home at last to do a little research for the perfect winter storm soup. I think i'm going with a homey minestrone soup. stay warm and safe everybody. 

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