Another week. Some days feel like they zoom by in the blink of an eye and then we have to drudgery days. The days that just won't quit. Some days I feel like I try to do too much and then everyone melts down come dinner time but then the days that I dial it back and it seems like we get so little accomplished. I suppose it's about finding that balance. Still working on that one around here. 


This week. A study in contrasts. One, big boy who wants to lounge in jammies and leisurely eat breakfast. Then perhaps watch a show on the telly and finally get dressed and start the day. The other, small boy who wakes up too early, eats faster than he should and hits the ground running. As life and timing would have it Oliver is the one with the jam packed schedule for the summer; with climbing camp this week (jealous) and playdates and bbq's and swimming at the pool. Huck on the other hand has very few things on his docket because he is still my perpetual sidekick and we squeeze what we can in between naps.  It is a balancing act that some days I am better at keeping on my toes than others. 


Although it is a bit unseasonably brisk this morning these past few weeks we have had a stretch of beautiful and at time hot weather. We have been keeping ourselves busy with camp and playing around town during the week but on the weekends we have been striking out to local haunts. We went to Castle Island, which is neither an island anymore nor does it have an actual castle. This can be a a bit disappointing to the 5 year old set but Oliver was excited to explore the fort and not having been to the South Boston spot since I was a kid it was a great way to spend a Sunday. 

We also finally made to the beach! Huzzah! And let me tell you if there was any concern about Huck fitting into this family, he will do just peachy because he is a beach bug! He loved dipping his toes in the cold ocean and took to playing in the sand like a natural. Hoping to make some more regular trip up to Crane Beach in the coming weeks for sure.

So with camps and more sunny, beachy explorations and dinners with friends I would say that this Summer is shaping up just wonderfully. 

impromptu date.

When you strike off into a hot, muggy evening to retrieve your kiddo from day camp only to find out that your gregarious son has decided that yes, in fact he does want to stay for "family night" even though when asked multiple times at drop off if he wanted to go he emphatically said no. 

Ok. No problem. We have no picnic. No blanket. No nothing and we have about 35 minutes until said "show" begins. Hmmm. Thankfully having driven to Lincoln, MA where Drumlin Farm is located from every which way I know that there is a traditional, quirky ice cream stand up the road that also serves food. Hustle, hustle off we go to procure our hamburgers and fries and soft serve swirls. 

Suddenly, as we are sitting at the red sticky picnic tables. 

I slow down. 


This is it. 

This is Summer with my boy. And I am thankful for his indecisiveness. I am thrilled to be on a impromptu date with my Oliver. 

Back to camp we go. Our bellies full of unhealthy food and capped off with a sweet treat. Oliver sings with his group. We watch the show as the sun dips further into the sky and afterwards I get my own personal tour of the farm from my bug. 

He strides off confidently to the big red barn to show my Jane, the dairy cow. He sweetly calls out to her, 

"Hi Jane, hi Janie..." 

She turns her large head and huffs. 

Oliver adds, " Oh Jane is tired, it's been a long day for her." 

Heart melted. 

We walk through the children's working garden by the goats and he gingerly points out the lettuce that he planted and the one wilting radish plant that he was oh, so proud of. As we walk back up the long, rambling path to the car I feel so proud and I wish I could freeze this moment forever. His sweaty little hand in mine as he tells me tales of ladybugs and honeybees. 

Slow down.

This is it.

Summer with my boy. 

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