Link it: Sand, Jewels and Valentine's day cards...

Are you ready for a random assortment of things that I found around blogs and the internet this week? Yes, ok...go!

First up. Andre Amador is a San Francisco based landscape artist who uses a rake at low tide to create fantastic, impermanent graphic sand art which disappears as soon as the tide draws in. Pretty impressive.

Next up, an Etsy jewelry design duo from Jerusalem, Israel with a beautiful shop called Artemer. The minimal lines and delicate jewels create beautiful, simple pieces which are sure to withstand the testament of time.

Lastly, a silly Valentine's day card from Paper Source to strike the mood for February which rolls in tomorrow.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Love it: Herriott Grace

I am a total sucker for handmade, artisanal items. And then throw in a great, compassionate story on top and boom, I'm hooked. All of the above ring true for the small yet beautifully curated online shop called, Herriott Grace.

It is the story of a father and a daughter and a venture that began through care packages in which the daughter (Nikole) would receive delightfully sweet and carefully crafted wooden spoons and bowls from the father (Lance). After a while Nikole thought that her father's treasures were too amazing to keep just for herself and thus the online shop Herriott Grace was born.

Since the items are handmade they stock them as they become available so if you see something you adore, do not be hasty. But there are other items which are available on an ongoing basis such as the delightfully whimsical cloud cookie cutters!


He takes his apr├Ęs nap cookie with a touch of hooligan.  

Keep reading for a few more snaps from the past few days.

Taste it: Korean Beef Tacos

Have I mentioned we like to eat tacos? Well, we do...a lot. Veggie, chicken, fish, beef, we do not discriminate in this house. So when I came across Korean Beef Tacos in two sources in one day, it was fate, I had to try it.

Now let me step back for a minute and tell you about my slow cooker. I thought it would be a grand, time saving piece of kitchen equipment. Wrong. At least in my case. Everything I made did not come out right and then one day it just stopped working and let me tell you that was very frustrating seeing as the slow cooker's purpose is to alleviate the dinner time rush. So anyways you can either do this recipe in a slow cooker but I chose to use my oven and Le Creuset enamel cast iron braiser

Ok, onto the delicious, sweet and savory recipe for Korean Beef Tacos.

Make it: Easy Coffee Cup Cozy

Everyone drinks coffee, right? or ok, I will accept tea, too. I know you don't always have an adorable  travel mug with you but here is another way to cut down on post consumer waste, your own cute, soft cup cozy. You can toss it in your bag and the next time you pop into your favourite coffee shop for a fix, say no thank you to the cardboard sleeve!

It is a really quick, mostly no sew craft. To start you need to keep a cardboard sleeve as this will act as a template. 

Carefully un-stick the glue.

Using the template cute out your new cozy out of fleece or felt. 

Add a button and loop or velcro or simply hot glue the whole thing together! Et voila! You have a unique coffee cozy. 


Get ready for some cuteness overload. Our trip to LA was great. Lots of sun. Lots of parks. Good food and an amazing time with friends. Oliver, Dylan, and Niall played so well together and they fell right back into their buddy relationship, it was so sweet. 

Museums, beach, shorts and sunblock, Popsicles and cinnamon rolls. Thanks Harty clan for being amazing hosts. 

Back in Boston and brrrrrrrr, it is cold, cold, cold. There is something to be said for that SoCal weather!


Toes in the sand. He is such a waterbug. He would have watched the waves roll in all day long. Showing his roots, California born; Boston raised. 

More Cali pics to come. 

A travel hiccup...

Thanks snow storm for our "bonus" day in atl. Wow...I cannot wait to get home. 

From A to B

From this...

To that..

Radio Silence

Sorry about sort of dropping off the map. Ollie and I left chilly Beantown behind for a few days of sun and fabulous friends in L.A. 

Earning his keep. 


Silly boy playing in jammies after a short nap. 

A few more cute pics of my bug below. 
Dr. Oliver

Cheeky man. 


Styling his hair. 

Singing his heart out at the library. 

Waiting for friends to come and play!

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