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Perhaps it is because of the weather, ahem it is a high of 19 degrees today! But I think because at a multitude of points during this cold, cold, did I mention cold winter we have spent time inside our house baking, listening to music, building elaborate train tracks; I feel like I have become intimately familiar with the creaks of the floorboards, the tick of the heater and the way the light shifts through our curtains. This is our 2nd winter in this house (3rd back in New England) and I finally feel like it is ours, like we are home. I find that I no longer wake up in the earlier hours of the morning and think of things to explore in San Francisco rather than Boston. I have found farmers markets and coffee shops and art and friends and I feel like we belong, we fit right here in our little corner of North Cambridge.  So although I am anxiously waiting for Spring to make an appearance I am also glad to feel the soft wool rug under my feet, make another cup of coffee and sit in our home. My links are inspired by what is underfoot: home. 

2. Giclee print from Mer Mag 

my cheesy little soap note to M before an early morning trip. Have a homey weekend!

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