Up after a nap watching our neighbors hack at the ice skating rink that is our driveway, we got it cleared out just in time for more freezing temps...Spring? Oh, Spring? Where are you?

More pictures.

bed head, sweet smile and sleepy eyes.

waiting patiently for her dinnertime.

boy and doggie (although truth be told unless I help Luna snuggle she would just run away, she is a bit of an old maid)

He insisted on wearing his crown to the market and laughed saying that people may think it is his "pretend" birthday.

shocking blue sky and puffy clouds, but don't be fooled the temperatures are brisk.

bedtime books and cuddles.

a couple of our foxy friends. The beautiful hand sewn Fantastic Mr. Fox was purchased from Jen Loves Kev a couple of years ago for Christmas and he is still a favourite. 

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