Make it: bleach design napkins

I know it's been a while since I've posted a craft on the blog. Traveling and then home and then Oliver wrapping up school I have not had the time. I actually made these napkins a little bit ago but they are a perfect summertime craft and they would make a great gift or just a way to spruce up your summertime table. 

Click through for the complete directions

Gather:Cotton napkins (make your own for bonus points) bleach pen
pencil for sketching out designs.


Sketch out simple, linear designs. Keeping in mind that the bleach pen will create a thicker line

Using the bleach pen; carefully trace your design and let the bleach sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse in cold water, taking care not to splash the bleachy water on yourself. Run through the washer separately from other clothes. 

and tada! you have fun, unique napkins for all of your summertime BBQ's! This method also easily works for tablecloths or even t-shirts. 

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