Happy as a clam at our first real beach outing of the summer. This year we have a beach pass to a beach on the North Shore, Crane Beach which is great, especially if you get there early! We ran around A LOT, we dug in the sand A LOT, and we even braved the water A LOT...seeing a trend. We were both pretty wiped by the time we got home but I cannot wait to go back and build more sand castles (just so we can stomp them in to oblivion). 

Click through for more pictures. 

see? A LOT of digging.

beautiful day. 

happy campers with our sunnies, hats and SPF 70!

cheeky man.

In other news, over the weekend Matt and I snuck away for a belated birthday (his) weekend in Providence. We went to the Foolproof Brewery and of course it only seemed fitting to start an afternoon filled with beer with an ice cream!

happy birthday!

true. and plus he looks so pensive.

brew tanks.

pallet of beer.

on our way back to the hotel we saw the WaterFire installation.  

And if you are anywhere near Providence and hankering for an excellent breakfast then go to Kitchen.

quite literally the BEST breakfast in recent memory.

so good in fact that we went back Sunday morning before leaving town! (it was Father's Day)

chilling in my dad's (now my brother's) MG.

While we were in Providence, Oliver played and fished and ate ice cream with Meme and Papa T.

waiting for the hummingbirds.

back at home and the silliness on the porch.

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