Make it: old into new

I recently cleaned out a whole bunch of Oliver's clothes because he is growing like a weed. And I came across one of his favorite sweaters which was clearly much too small but also much too cute to just donate. So I decided to get crafty and make a sweet little foxy pillow out of a much loved sweater.

It is a really quick little project and you can either use fiberfill or take some stuffing out of an old pillow. 

Step 1: find a super cute sweater or t-shirt you cannot bear to part with. 

Step 2: cut off sleeves, neckline and waistband

Step 3: pin the right sides together and sew around 3 3/4 sides, leaving a 2 inch opening

Step 4: turn the pillow right side out and stuff with filling and then blind stitch the 2 inch opening.

photo edit done with Beautiful Mess App

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