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Today we shall be taking a trip through a few of my favorite stores from my past residences.  
But first a little back history.  Before coming to settle in Cambridge, MA my husband and I moved seven times in seven years, that right for seven years straight each year we packed up and moved in some capacity. Crazy? Maybe. But we also got to live in some pretty amazing spots. 

After we got married we quite literally wrote thank you notes, packed up the majority of our new wedding gifts into a storage locker and relocated to London, UK. I got my Masters in Contemporary Art History at Sotheby's Institute of Art and Matt worked at Hampton school a boy's preparatory school as well as at London Youth Rowing, a non-profit youth rowing initiative.  

After a fabulous time in London, we went back to Boston? Nope. We moved to San Francisco, CA! We lived in the city by the Bay for three years (remember we moved each year!). I worked at a couple of interesting art galleries including; SLATE contemporary in Oakland and Matt was a rowing coach for Pacific Rowing

After having our gorgeous son in the city by the Bay, Matt had an amazing opportunity come to light here in Boston at Community Rowing Inc. so we bid farewell to the West coast to come East and settle down here in Cambridge.

Whew! How is that for a little history in warp speed? So anyways in each spot I have a favorite store that I miss visiting plus one here in Cambridge that I love for gifts and cards. 

So first up is the one closest to home. Black Ink is a eclectic collection of interesting, useful and pretty items for your kitchen, desk and the best card selection for literally any occasion. I love walking in to this store because it is a visual sight to behold; items are arranged so beautifully and are stacked straight up to the ceiling.   

Next up is General Store, this place has a special place in my heart because it is located in Outer Sunset, a small neighborhood in San Francisco that has an amazing blend of people, art deco homes and of course you can walk to the beach! The General Store is an amalgamation of home goods, jewelry, and personal items. Most of the goods are hand made or produced in by Bay area artisans.  Plus if you are feeling peckish you must go up the street to Outerlands (their bread is gorgeous) or Trouble Coffee (you will have dreams about their cappuccino). 

Lastly, we head across the pond to London. Labour and Wait is in East London's market district and it is truly like stepping back in time but everything they carry are carefully sourced reproductions not vintage. They have beautiful enamel tea kettles, metal dust pans and wooden laundry pegs. They basically carry all of the traditional home goods that have stood the test of time.  Seriously beautiful items, I do believe that next time I go I will have to bring a suitcase for vintage inspired kitchen goods. 

So there you have it! a mini moving history as well as a look at some of my favorite stores. Perhaps you will find a new favorite item, too?

Have a lovely weekend.

images: Black Ink, General Store, Labour and Wait

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