Link it: TGIF!

Happy Friday to all! It is a blustery, rainy Friday here and we are leaving Halloween in our dust and rolling straight into November festivities this weekend! Since we will be out of town this year for Thanksgiving we decided to host a Friends-giving and invite our neighborhood friends to indulge in an early feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry know, all the good stuff! So I am planning and cooking for our Sunday party. Below you will find a feast for your eyes and ears. 

How delightful are these sparkle leaves! I love this idea and I thought maybe doing it with the kiddos this weekend but then I thought of the glitter trail that would be left behind in my kitchen. Maybe a mommy only craft this year. (via Lauren Conrad)

Everyone loves the beautiful, voluminous blooms of the peony, right? But with an expensive price tag and a short lived blooming season why not get an amazing painting of one? That's right this is NOT a photograph but rather an amazing larger scale realistic painting by the very talented Thomas Darnell. Impressive, yes!

Ok and lastly if you have not heard of Mike Thompkins then, you are welcome. He covers popular songs, such as Coldplay's Paradise completely in acapella and remixes his voice to cover all of the musical instruments. Trust me, it is amazing.

Have a lovely weekend!

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