Snuggled down in a mountain of pillows. Someone is VERY excited for his birthday and Christmas. Before nap time and bed time he asks why it is not his birthday yet. His party is this weekend and I know he is going to be thrilled. 

Keep reading for snippets of our holiday. I only have a couple of pics because my phone took a swim but the bag of rice trick worked!

Ready to fly to Chicago. 

Inaugural hot chocolate experience with his cousins. 

Needless to say, it was a big hit!

After Chicago my boys headed back to Boston and I headed south to sunny Florida for a good friends wedding. 

Floridian wildlife en route for a coffee. 

Back in Boston and trying an imitation cronut. Pretty tasty but I'm sure not as good as the original a la Dominique Ansel.

A little birthday prep. 

School has been exhausting as of late which means solid naps. 

Sweet little fox apr├Ęs bath. 

Helping daddy pick out the perfect tie for the director's meetings tonight. 

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