Here we are. The last of the 52 photo project. I have really enjoyed participating. I think I have captured some really lovely moments and I have also just grabbed a shot or two off of my iPhone. But all in all I believe it was a great way to document the small moments with my son. I am looking forward to compiling all of the images and printing then off. I have not decided if I will do it again this year, but I suppose I have to make up my mind right quick.

Below are a few more pictures from recent shenanigans. 

I know I've said it before but one of the best parts of the museum of science is the kinetic ball machine.


Mr. Pout....ummm hello 14 year old?!

My boys.


Making smoothies. 

Peace out gingerbread man!

Out for a chilly stroll. 

Mama and her bug. 

Dance party.

Get down.

Hot cocoa helper.

Again with the face!

And....happy new year! 

Ready to bring on 2014!

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