A Day Out.

We went to the Institute of Contemporary Art this morning. I love going there with my boys. Oliver really enjoys it and today he got his own sketch pad and man did I melt when he would sit down and "draw" what he saw. 
Heading up to the galleries.

Could he be any cuter?

I mean really?!

Entranced by the video art.

Watching the boats.

Being cheeky. 

Really cheeky...clearly I was not amused.

But still adore him.

My boys.

Budding artist.

Makes mama proud. 

Down we go. 

We headed to a cute new restaurant across the street for lunch.

Loving his o.j. In a fancy glass.

Flatbread with figs and goat cheese.


Jamming. Pretending to lay down some beats!

Back home we go to enjoy some quietly falling snow. 

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