Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy!

"At 5:04AM this morning, Oliver Ellsworth entered the world at whopping 20.5 inches and 9lbs 11oz after 37 hours at the hospital."-12/10/2010

He sure did make an entrance but man, am I glad he is here. I cannot believe today marks his third birthday! It seems so surreal to me how much Oliver has grown and changed in the past three years. At times it seems like his birthday was just yesterday but then I think of all of his milestones, moves, and plane rides and I cannot believe how much we have done in three years. 

Oliver, you are my wild and I will always be your way home.
Oliver, you have stretched and changed me in ways that I could have never ever imagined.
I am incredibly proud to be your mama and to have you as my bug, my side kick, the exclamation at the end of every sentence.
I hope that you always embrace your days with gusto and might and that you always talk sweetly to your friends both real and poly-filled.
I am ever so grateful for snuggles and the way you stroke my hand while we read books together. 
I love you with every fiber of my being and do not ever forget that.
Happy, Happy Birthday Oliver Ellsworth.

xo, mama 

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