Link it: Gift Guide for the Home

tick tock, tick you hear it? The time left to do holiday shopping is coming to a close! I can hardly believe it, I am feeling a little caught off guard by this year's holiday seemingly warp speed approach. And then to top everything we are getting a snow storm this weekend. Great. But on a more pleasant note, I have compiled a gift list for your home or to bring to a friend or family's house.

Poketo color dipped mugs, these are cute and colorful. bold but not obnoxious and could seamlessly fit into just about anyone's kitchen.

Poketo teak wood coasters. Coasters, everyone needs them, everyone has them and more often than not everyone could use some new ones. 

Nube Green one wine bottle bag. What a fun way to bring a bottle of wine to a party or a home over the holidays. It is a bit more fun and utilitarian than wrapping paper or a bow.

Nube Green blue chevron throw. A blanket, throw, snuggly item on the couch. I have a bit of a weakness for beautiful blanket and this one is most certainly beautiful. It would be delightful on a couch or on the foot of a bed.

Terrain fallen brach votive. Candlelight is always appealing but especially lovely in the wintertime seeing as the sun goes down oh so early. I love this votive holder because it is rustic and I think it is nice to move away from tall taper candles (particular with a toddler running around).

Terrain jingle bells and snowballs wreath. How fun is this? I love the white and burlap plus the jingle bells add a nice festive touch. 

So there you go. A medley of items to bring joy and fun to friends and family. I hope you are ready to jump right into the holiday rush. I am off to make a grocery list, to beat the rush before the snow flies!

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