Make it: Infinity Scarf

Welcome back! Knitting. I feel like knitting is a lovely craft for the winter. You cast on your stitches and snuggle down on the couch in warm socks and tick tick tick as you talk or watch telly you create soft, warm gifts to give and of course maybe one to keep. I am not a proficient knitter but I know the basics and I especially love working with circular needles. And a great project that uses one-two skeins of soft yarn and circular needles is an infinity scarf.
1-2 skeins of soft yarn (I got mine at Michael's)
Size 13 circular needles

Cast on either 49 stitches or 59 stitches, depending on how loose you want it.
Knit one row and then make sure you keep your stitches are straight and then knit on the round (if you do not know how, google it).
Then continue on purl and knit until you reach your desired length.

Make sure you leave enough yarn to cast off and voila! You have a super soft and comfy scarf to wear through these biting cold days.

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