Love it: Ben Skinner, artist

Ben Skinner is a Vancouver based artist who primarily works with text and creates images with certain sense of nostalgia or feel of snippets of an overheard conversation on a bus but then he elevates the words by creating large scale works with beautifully curated font choices. First you read the words, then you appreciate the font and then you read the words again and chuckle. I like that he takes something very simple and is not afraid to hang his hat on it. He is not going for grand but rather forcing you to focus on the small, the absurd, the nonsensical.  As he says on his website he is looking for the "blurry and banal" which I feel is an important corner of the art world to occupy seeing as not everyone can relate to a hedonistic Lucien Freud painting or a stark Dan Flavin installation, sometimes simple, well executed and with a dash of humour is exactly what you are looking for.  

images via Ben Skinner

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