Make it: Graphic Table Runner and Napkins

I have been making our napkins for a while now. It is an easy way to cut down on disposable paper goods and to add a pop of color to your table. I decided to use some leftover scraps of cotton and linen to make a couple of sets of colorful napkins and runners with graphic fabric paint. It was an easy craft and I was really pleased with the graphic yet homey quality the colors and design created. 

Continue reading for all of the instructions.

cut and crumpled linen.
ironed and pressed. 12" square napkins and 14" x 48" runner.

Rather than hem the napkins and runners, I decided to leave the raw hem and just do a running stitch to keep it from fraying. 

Next comes the fun part, taping and painting.  

bright colors. 

random triangles for the napkins.

I also did a green and blue square graphic. 

After everything dries for about 30 mins peel back the tape and reveal your awesome design. Then let everything cure for about 12 hours and run a hot iron over the paint to set it. Wash and dry and clip any strings from the frayed edge. 

enjoy your new colorful, reusable napkin and runner set.

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