Make it: Our Own Version of Spring.

Ok, so here is the deal. We had a 45 degree day this weekend and everyone in the city (well everyone who wasn't ill, that is) was jumping for joy and threatening to pull out the flip flops. Then you wake up this morning to a white dusting of snow on the ground?! Seriously? We New Englanders may be hearty but man alive this Winter is testing every one's limits. Even the birds were chatting about the weather on a bush outside of our window this morning; pecking at the snow with deep hearted disdain. So in an attempt to bring a bit of Spring to our house I am following Project Little Smith's lead and I did a few little plantings with Oliver. Take that Old Man Winter we are bringing in Spring sprouts whether you like it or not! Oh dear, did I just taunt a fictitious being about the weather? I did. Well that is what it has come to around here. Sigh.

Carry on to see our planting adventure.

First of all I found some cute mini planting kits at Target, no I do not live there (well not really).  
 I got Oliver all set up with the water to get the peat/dirt pods wet and fluffy. Very serious business as you can see.
Next came the seeds. We have two clover pots, one with carrot seeds and the last with sunflower seeds. Unless these are supremely robust plants we are not going to transplant them just watch them grow here inside for fun. 
 Feeling good about putting the seeds "to bed".
 More water...
 With just a little help...
Ok, no more helping...I can do it, says Oliver (that's my boy!). 

And tada! After a few days the clover seeds began to sprout and Oliver was ecstatic! Now every morning we check in on our Spring garden to make sure the plants are happy and growing.

Oh and the lovely succulent is from Trader Joe's, I loved the contrast of the stem and the leaves. I carried it around the market with me as if someone was going to steal it, I was smitten. 

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