doing his best James Dean at the park.

keep reading for a smorgasbord of pictures.

desperate to pick out flowers but it is still too cold to plant things outside.

hitching a ride with daddy

Tasty Burger in Harvard Sq. for a weekend lunch...he has turned into such a burger fiend.

that is the picture of one happy kid!

rolling out his own mini pizza for dinner.


always needs a snack after grocery shopping. mandarin oranges have been a popular choice as of late.

"helping" at the market...the basket was a race car.

there is just something about red shoes that make me very happy.

happy bug after school.

fruit snacks. what started as an attempt to keep him awake when he was smaller on the way home has turned into a full blown obsession. he needs the fruity chews in the car! needs.

boys with their vehicles.

oooh look i found a BIG stick. sometimes it is a good thing they never take their helmets off at the park! 

riding home and stopping every two seconds to holler another good-bye to a friend.


he would stay in for days.

then of course he has to help with the hair dryer!

waiting to get his school picture taken. it was a beautiful day so they took them outside!

see red shoes=happiness! taking my turn on the big slide!

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