Oliver has been obsessed with my guitar. He makes lovely music?! But he is having fun. 

Oliver was back to school at the start of this week and he was over the moon excited to see his buddies. I hope getting back into a routine will offset the entrance of the 15 year old moods masquerading around as my 3 1/2 year old. Although from friends who have kids a bit older they say it gets worse before it gets better. Once you feel like you've hit your stride with kids they throw you a curve ball, hits true every time. I also don't think the bloody weather is doing us any favors. After a long, drawn out winter we seem to be experiencing more fall-like temperatures than spring. Today's high was 43. Enough said.  So other than pining for some sunshine and feeling a bit stumped as to what to cook for dinner, things are good and moving along as they should. Just beware of the mini-moody man! click through for more pictures.

face of a future musician?

all smiles at Drumlin Farm. we had a ball seeing all of the animals and a friend from school but the mood quickly changed when we had to walk all the way back up the hill. drama. 

the baby sheep have grown!

super duper tall tower. with help from daddy. 

my brother, uncle Matty was in town briefly for a party in Maine with his wife, Elizabeth. Uncle Matty came to town a few days early so we caught up down at my Mom's. Oliver was very happy.

Meme has a lot of track (i took a few pieces to add to our collection at home!). 

uncle Matty came to see us in Cambridge, too. We went out to dinner at Redbones and while we waited for Matt (my husband, i know they have the same name!) we bellied up to the bar. Oliver experienced his first shirley temple

hair cut at Anthony's.

gearing up for our adventure to the New England Aquarium.

chasing the sea lions...it looks soooo springy, right!?

African penguins.

watching all the fishies.

a highlight  for sure was seeing the giant sea turtle, she is 83 years old. Oliver of course was convinced it was Crush from Finding Nemo. we also saw Nemo, Merlin and Dory...it was awesome.

There she goes.  
bonus. of course they basically force you to exit through the gift shop. he wanted a sea turtle and I suggested these! haha. not really. we got a small penguin to commemorate our rainy, cold outing to the Aquarium.

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