Sullen little dude while Mama does some birthday shopping for friends and family. There is a random assortment of that follows the jump...birthday party, baby animals, gardening, and errands. 

At a school friend's party Oliver tucked into the fruit plate. He would have eaten ALL of the raspberries, had I let him. 

even at a busy party he decides to sit quietly and read a book.

eating some lunch with a buddy from school. two cool dudes.

sparkling wine with raspberries, harkens back to my wedding.

There were baby animals at the party...Oliver was in love.

and a pony named, Merlin...it was a pretty epic party for a 4 year old!

kittens, Oliver was smitten.

waiting for the cake.

wish he was smiling...he was playing with daddy's ears.

mama and her boy.

ohhh there were baby bunnies too, my favourite.

off to Home Depot for mulch, soil and plants!

this way daddy!

chilling. taking it easy. 

plants all picked out and ready to roll.

cutest little helper.

beautiful Spring day in Boston

silly bean in his toy bin.

I found a local rock climbing gym, Brooklyn Boulders and I've dusted off my climbing shoes. I am very excited to get back into rock climbing. 

grocery store run.

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