Amsterdam part 2.

Here is part 2 of our Amsterdam adventure. I really love how we travel. I feel like Matt and I (and now Oliver) have a good system in place. We tend to read and find things that we want to do in advance but we do not plan what days we will do what until we arrive. So in terms of this trip we knew we wanted to go to certain sites and museums but it also allowed us to embrace on of my favourite aspects of  traveling in Europe, the cafe/pub culture. You can just go to a cafe in the morning or a pub in the evening and sit and chat and people watch without a waiter trying to push you out to make space for the next party to sit. I really love it and I wish the States would embrace the leisure pace a bit more.

Continue reading for more pictures of our travels.

people got pretty creative with their bike decorations. it certainly makes for colorful scenery.  

a favourite find to drink was a local beer brewed in a windmill in downtown Amsterdam, Brouwerig' tij.

another popular Dutch snack that we tried is the Bitterballen, a little fried soft meatball that is served with a spicy mustard.  

look at all of the varieties of mayonnaise! 

strolling through the city.

oh my goodness! how fun is that!

walking to NEMO. a really cool kids science center that was a big hit.

NEMO was full of fun, interactive activities and the colors were so bright!

plus there was a roof deck with an amazing view of the city. 

we also explored the de negen straatjes (the nine little streets). which are cute and full of shops but it was a little hard to naviagate. 

lunch at a cute spot called Skek

I swear, there were beautiful flowers everywhere!

my boys.

we went to a fun spot called Pancakes! (yes, with an exclamation point) for traditional Dutch pancakes.

even the cappuccino came with a min stroopwafel!

I got the pancake with apple slices embedded inside, it was yummy!

cool spot with funky, colorful party items; Kitsch Kitchen.


more flowers

and cheese...Dutch gouda

we went to an amazing park a couple of times to run around and play, Vondelpark

champions of the obstacle course errr stick pile.

everything was so green and vibrant.

being silly.

Oliver was helping when we got turned around. 

Oliver was in love with this car! He adored that it was about the right size for him. 

hilarious! he keeps talking about riding motorcycles when he gets bigger and i think he is serious!

One of the best parts of Vondelpark was an amazing play structure that was almost like a ropes course. Oliver and I must have gone through half a dozen times. 

i have one more installment of pictures from the trip!

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