love it: good for a belly laugh

ok so we all know and love Maddie the coonhound aka Maddie on things. That loveable sweet doggy who must be the most patient dog on this Earth.  She stands on things and wears things that no other dog will. I love the random, idiosyncratic feel of the site and it is always good for a giggle. So let me introduce you to, Will it Beard! A guy with and impressive beard and he sticks all kinds of things in it, on it and videos some of them! I spent way too much of Oliver's nap time yesterday going through all of the images and seriously laughing out loud. truly amazing stuff in my book. I mean just scroll down and check out the Lego beard, what?!

I'm obsessed and I have added it to my Instagram feed. I highly recommend you do the same. 

all images via Will it Beard

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