Make it: a backup of a backup of a backup...

you know that saying, you don't know how good it is until it's gone? well that is how I feel today. my phone has been acting funny. quitting apps, hanging up phone calls, generally being lethargic.

but when the phone would not even turn on, I took it into the Apple store. they looked at it. plugged it in. got it to start and then said that yes, it was acting quite odd and they were not sure how to fix it. ahhh! the Genius Bar folks were stumped. not a good sign.

So they took my sad little phone into the back and decided that they only way to fix what ailed it was to wipe it clean. Restart the whole system and not keep anything. ok, sounds simple enough but then they told me that I would not be able to get my pictures off because the problem lies in the software.


so I have the whole iCloud thing but that did not cover all  of them. there were some lovely recipe pictures and adorable family pictures on other applications that could not be saved. oh my. so the sad bit is that I lost some, ok a lot of pictures.

but it has spurred my on to try and get as many pictures as I can off of the magical Cloud and my phone and my computer and print them. I want to keep them gosh darn it and I had gotten lazy thinking that I could just do it another day or week. but you never know when your phone or computer will just decide to quit and even if you have a backup you may loose something that you will miss.

I guess the good thing is that they fixed my phone. and wow, is it sad how disconnected I felt without a phone in my pocket. now that is perhaps something to work on as well, on another day.

ps. how cute is Oliver, intently staring at his faux iPhone, it is a mini chalkboard and the earbuds are erasers but he shoved them in his ears, silly bug.

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