taste it:farmer's market

this has to be one of the best things about living in Cambridge. In the Summer time just about every day of the week there are farmer's markets around the area. So on the hot and muggy afternoons of Summer I am trying to make a point to get over to the farmer's markets to procure my produce for dinners. Last week Oliver and I braved the blacktop and went to the Central Square Farmer's Market. Man, it was roasty toasty but well worth it for the tasty sugar snap peas and heirloom tomatoes, Oliver nibbled and snacked the entire time on sugar snap peas!  So even though I live in a mostly urban environment I grew up with spacious backyards and home grown vegetables, especially the sugar snap peas from my friend Abby's house! Therefore I really enjoy gathering the local produce and supporting the local farms that come into town. Get away from the grocery store bins and investigate the local produce, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

carrots and zucchini squash by the barrel! 

yes! look at all of those sugar snap peas! I adore them. 

so does Oliver! 

heirloom tomatoes! aren't they beautiful! Oliver picked out ours, it was a glorious yellow one. it was delightful on a salad that evening. 

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