Wow, sorry I have been lagging on the blog front. I have a couple of posts sitting, waiting to be finished in my draft file. But I do like to try to stay somewhat on top of the 52 project because in a sense, time is of the essence. 

Can you believe how many Cars Oliver has? It is crazy, I know. But he (and I) know all of the names. An impressive feat if you ask me. I am going to do my best to get back on the blog band wagon but we are dealing with a lot of change over here. Most noticeably at the moment is the fact that Oliver has stopped napping in the afternoon. Now I know I should not complain seeing as I have an almost four year old who still napped until last week. But it is still a shock to our schedule. Naps were when I blog, prep dinner, and perhaps read a chapter in a book. It was a nice time in our day and frankly Oliver has been a mess come dinner time. Last night, he was sobbing over his chicken, saying that the only thing that would help was sleep. So yeah it's been interesting. Oh and to add insult to injury, he woke up way too early this morning which was just oh so thoughtful of him!

library dates. we read about a million books each time we go. it's great. 

superhero on the scooter 

the negative space of toddler art work.

practicing his balance.

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