a bit late to the game. again. sorry. but here are a bunch of our comings and goings for leading up to Halloween. Oliver was totally loving on Halloween this year and was super excited to go trick or treating with all of his neighborhood buddies. We live in a great part of Cambridge which has a street that shuts down and is full of themed filled houses and we walk down from our house and get to reap the benefits. 

sweet snuggles on a farm outing. 

annual trip up to Freeport, ME to get some xmas shopping wrapped up early. and wander around LL Bean, of course. 

pumpkin carving.  

saying good-bye to some wonderful friends at his old school before he starts his new school this week. fingers crossed that the transition goes smoothly. it was hard to say good-bye. 

and yes, the main event...Halloween! what a blast to galavant around with all these kiddos. Everyone had a great time, adults included.
crazy town on Dudley St. 
candy jubilation!  

inspecting the loot at the end of the evening.

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