Well here we are rolling down to the end of another 52 project. And yes the majority of the pictures were snapped on my iphone but I still love the premise behind capturing one moment every week of the year. It truly is a simple way to concretely view the passage of time. Here's to trying to keep it up in the coming year!

I love the sweet snuggles during our evening book reading and selfishly I love that Oliver loves my koala bear as much as I did when I was a kid. She really does give the best poly-filled hugs.

We had Oliver's 4 year wellness check. He is 70th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Skinny minnie. He does amazingly well at the doctor's office. He is always curious and flirtatious with the nurse (cheeky man). He also got three shots and rather than look away or look at me, he watched the entire process; from swab to poke to band-aid. And not a tear was shed. He is pretty amazing. 

Oliver also had his ears checked. He kept wanting to look at the nurse to give his answer (he's a flirt, I told you) but he was suppose to raise his hand so it took a couple extra minutes.  

pressies! he was a master at ripping into the gifts this year whereas in the past he wanted help. no help needed. I am seeing a whirlwind Christmas present opening in about a week. 

new toys. lucky boy. 

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