Ready to roll. Oliver and I have been taking advantage of the sunshine and mostly mild temperatures as of late to get out and about on the weekends and the past MLK holiday. It is times like these that I really appreciate where and how we have chosen to live. We are able to just pick up and go to a museum or have lunch in Harvard Sq.  I love that Oliver is so readily exposed not just to the hustle and bustle of Cambridge but also the history and architecture of the area. I mean just look at the brick sidewalks, iron gates, and classic Neo-Georgian river Houses which depict the expected image of ivy classicism. He may not appreciate it all now because it is basically his back yard but I hope these are the types of experiences and images that stick with him. 

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cheeky, little face. dinners have become a battle. again. for someone who can whine so loudly that he is sooooo hungry and then in the same breath sit down to dinner and have it take an hour to eat a plate of food. I just do not understand how to make it better or more expedient. 

for MLK day we went to the Museum of Science along with about half of the city. it was busy but a lot of fun. 

playing in the Apollo Command Module. a highlight of every visit. 

fun, silly, sweet day with my bug.  

waiting for Mama to catch up.

sweetest most handsome lunch date out there.  

just a couple goofballs.  

snuggles during the AFC championship game. 

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