Love it: a newfangled way to melt chocolate.

So we sort of had a chocolate problem at our house, I know it's terrible really. Let me start at the beginning. For Christmas, Oliver was doing some holiday shopping with me and we stopped into the Lindt chocolate store to get some stocking stuffers. Well Oliver spotted the five inch tall chocolate Santa and Frosty and bless his heart that is what he wanted to get Daddy and I for Christmas. So sweet, literally. So he proudly "purchased" his items and we wrapped them up for our holiday morning. Now I'm not going to lie, I am a chocolate fan but more of the dark chocolate person and these five inch high figures were smooth, milk chocolate. So they have sat untouched in our kitchen. 

Fast forward to this weekend. A big football game for us New Englanders. And we are doing a bunch of appetizers for dinner and I thought, hey chocolate dipped strawberries would use up the milk chocolate! And then as if by fate a truly brilliant article popped up in my inbox from Food52 about melting chocolate with a hair dryer! Ummm can we say amazing? Yes. So when Oliver got up from his afternoon rest we brought the hair dryer down to the kitchen and voila! melted chocolate with no double boiler or burning it in the microwave. Plus Oliver thought it was hilarious. 
smooth and melty and ready to be dipped!

sweet strawberries dipped in repurposed Santa chocolate, melted with a hair dryer!

we had extra chocolate so we dipped a few graham crackers too.

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