The 52 project for me is about capturing you child(ren) in everyday situations, so that you can look back and remember a time when their hair was long and the time they had to bring along race cars to the market. I like the small and seemingly everyday moments captured and tucked away in an album. Everyone has pictures of the big events in life but what about the banal moments? Those moments are just as important to me. 

So let me introduce you to my first baby, Luna. She is a sweet, kind doggie who has the softest velvet ears I have ever known. And here is the kicker, she is sick. We are not sure what is wrong and we are desperate to figure it out but it does not look good. She has lost a lot of weight and her demeanor is lackluster and lethargic. This breaks my heart. She has traveled with Matt and I all over the country and across the pond to London before we had Oliver. She has vivid doggie dreams and howls in her sleep. She hates when her face gets wet. She loves when Matt scratches behind her ears.  Her feet have a strange scent of cheetos. She can tell time, 7:30pm is when she eats and she will remind you of that. She is loyal. She is loved. She is irreplaceable.

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