my sweet bug snuggling with me and the Lemon. Lots of change headed our way but I am excited to see him in his new role as a big brother. 

click through for more pictures. 

we re-arranged a few pictures in our bedroom and my art curator heart swelled with pride when Oliver was getting in on the action. Good old painter's tape, a level, measuring tape and and a good eye. I had a lovely time turning my bedroom into a gallery albeit just for a moment. 

I feel like I should start a photo series entitled; "food larger than your head". 

always ready and willing to help with just about anything. this time it was installing new light fixtures in the Lemon's room and Oliver's room. 

a big box and a bunch of coloring implements is still a great way to pass the time. 

goofy face and his deconstructed s'mores....hot cocoa, graham cracker and marshmallows. 

baby, it has been cold (and ahem, snowy) outside. 

and here enters the snow shots. keerplunk! in he goes!

let's go swinging...oh wait, we can't the swings are buried. 

down the snow covered slide. 

last but not least Oliver climbing the mountain of snow in our back patio. 


tada! so proud. 

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