February Break.

let's start with some snow shall we? hey why not what's a few more inches anyways. heck we are less than 10 inches from breaking the all time snow record. I may make some enemies, but I say bring it on! let's at least get at the top of the record books with all of this craziness. 

our little blue house all dressed up in winter white. 

Then Oliver and I went down to visit my Mom and Tom in Westport. Oliver even got to ride on the big blue tractor.

Coloring with Meme. Using a new box of 24 count crayons. 

and always reading books. 

We also took advantage of the activities being hosted at the Museum of Fine Arts during the school holiday. Engrossed in National Pride (2013), Jeremy Deller's British culture-centric video set to a steel drum rendition of David Bowie's 'Man Who Sold The World'. Range Rovers getting crushed, an inflatable stonehenge and amazing shot of birds of prey. Truly Oliver's favourite. 

I love my boy. I love taking him to museums. and I love that he enjoys going with me. 

I told you, engrossed in the video.

and there were crafts, too! Oliver made a treasure box and a picture frame. 

and of course one must always stop to see Untitled by Felix Gonzalez-Torres

snowy landscape on the walk back to the car.

out to lunch at an amazing sandwich shop in Brookline, Cutty's. Get the roast beef 1000. Your tummy will thank you. 

heading home from our ski getaway in NH. Oliver had his first ski lessons which went well. And we swam and went out to eat and all in all had a great time mixing up our routine. Of course koalie came along, she always does. 

i mean really? He is the cutest. 

the snow berm on the highway ride home. 

heading back home from NH with fresh dusting of snow to make the scenery picturesque. 

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