happy bug. it was so nice to be able to stay in a friend's house for the few days while our floors were being refinished. Oliver loved all the "new" toys and I enjoyed being able to cook or heck even toast a piece of toast! We are home now and the kitchen is progressing. hopefully all will be done and correct in the next two weeks. Then we have to put all of our kitchen stuff back in the kitchen not in the Lemon's room where it is mostly residing now. Nothing like making your morning coffee in the soon to be nursery, hey maybe i'll keep it there for easy caffeine delivery! 

Anyone who knows my kiddo knows that he is the world's slowest eater, he is not picky per se but just as slow as molasses. But let me tell you he has been eating everything in sight and even after a good lunch or dinner he has been saying he is hungry about 40 minutes later. It is crazy. And of course I have no access to a proper oven or cooktop which means a lot of snacks and fruit. Clearly he is growing but it makes me slightly fearful for his eating habits when he is a teenager!

What is it about the back of his neck? I love it. it is one of my favourite places to sneak a kiss and it always smells perfectly of Oliver. It is my sweet spot.  

On a few occasions we have been picking up a friend from school who lives a couple houses down and I love hearing the chatter in the backseat. During this ride Oliver was "helping" Bess find the items in a seek and find book. And by helping I mean blatantly telling her where they were! 

Over the weekend we went back to the Rosebud Diner in Davis Sq. It is quickly becoming a new favourite local joint.  

Reading a plethora of books at the Harvard Coop is always a great way to pass some time, especially on a chilly Saturday. Spring....oh Spring, we miss you! 

We have been eating out a bit more than usual because of the state of our kitchen. We graciously received a gift card to Redbones (an awesome local rib joint) for snow blowing a friend's driveway after one of the many snow storms. It is one of Oliver's favourite spots and he is a pro.  He could pretty much order everything for the table. He is obsessed with their fried pickles and he knows how to roll up his sleeves to tuck into a rib. 'atta boy!

Sweet, bbq kisses from my love. He has either been sweet as sugar these days or a bit of a sourpuss so I will revel in the sweetness. 

Chilling at Drumlin Farm after his class. He has been a "Barnyard Buddy" for a few weeks and he has collected eggs, milked a cow, brushed a pony and met the new lambs and baby goats. It is amazing to have access to the programming and make sure my city boy appreciates the countryside as well as has an understanding for where and how his food comes from. 

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