baby 2.0

As we gear up for the arrival our second baby in about 6 weeks I decided to compile a list of items that I found helpful the first go around and that I plan on leaning on for our second as well. I try to keep things simple and as streamlined as possible. I like items that can be moved around easily and that are not too babyish, that can blend into our home. The list below is by no means perfect but rather just the things that I like and find useful. 
cute, simple and wooden play gym from IKEA.

a non-mechanical, machine washable Baby Bjorn Bouncer seat

soft structured baby carrier by Beco. very comfortable and can be used from baby to toddler. 

I know most people use an infant carseat but to me they don't make much sense. It seems a bit silly to buy a carseat that will only last for a few months. So we have used and loved Combi Coccoro with Oliver since day 1 up until we moved him into a Clek Oobr booster. It is lightweight and compact and I highly recommend it.  

A wrap carrier, this one is by Solly Baby is great for the first 6-8 months. Soft, easy to throw in a bag and once you do the wrap a few times the endless amounts of cloth do not seem daunting. 

Baby clothes are cute. But finding functional, gender neutral, sweet clothes that are reasonably priced can be tough. Enter everyone's favourite haven; H&M. Stripes for the win!

soft and easy pants

I think these kimono style tops are so easy for those first few weeks with a brand new babe.

And for something special I love Zara. They make the most beautiful and stylish baby clothes!

Those big and soft muslin blankets are great but for actual swaddling for sleeping I need velcro! Nuroo is a swaddle that is soft and grows with your baby so you only need to buy one size. 

Diapers. Babies need them. I like to spend a little more and use chlorine free and SAP (super absorbent polymers) free diapers. The Seventh Generation company has served us well with Oliver. 

Once we have our legs under us again with baby stuff again we plan on using the Hybrid GroVia system. We used this system with Oliver and the flushable bio soaker liners are a great go between the full cloth system and disposable diapers.  

An easy to clean, venting system for bottle feeding

I have not used this product yet but for middle of the night feedings it seems to be genius. You can fill the base with formula and then when you need a fresh bottle you pop the base and it mixes into the water. No more bleary eyed measuring. Bravo, Mixie

cute sheets, yes please. 

classic sheets, yes please. 

A humidifier is a nice addition to a nursery. Cool mist keep the air comfortable. 

Ah yes, white noise. There are a lot of machines our there but I swear this is the best! pretty, no. functional, yes. I consider this a must have. 

So there you have it. My list of baby gear. Hopefully it can help clarify and weed through the mass of baby gear available on the market!

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