Legos have entered our lives.  He has loved them for a while and plays with them in his after school program. I have been apprehensive about buying him his own because they only seemed to come in kits that have a purpose, an endgame, usually a superhero-centric. And I did not want Oliver to just watch Mom or Dad build it so that he could just play with the set. Then I went into a Lego Store where they had a million kits and a whole wall of separate bricks. I thought I would just get him a medley of bricks until an associate showed me that they have re-introduced the "classic" sets with some instructions but also plenty of room to just build a crazy space ship like above. Oliver spent an entire afternoon playing and building, it was amazing to see how focused and proud he was. Definitely an exciting purchase which I'm sure we will be expanding as long as he keep them cleaned up because there is nothing worse than stepping on a Lego brick.   

my sweet boy playing with his new toy.

We are still waiting (not so patiently anymore) for Spring to knock on our door. But until then on a sunny but brisk afternoon we planted some Miracle Gro-able seed pods that I picked up at Target. It seemed like an easy way to have Oliver help with starting some seeds inside and then hopefully we can move them outside to our planter boxes. 

carefully watering our new plants with Maru watching.  

set up on the windowsill waiting for the warm sunshine.

cuties reading books after school and avoiding going home.  

watching a little baseball on the telly. let's ignore the fact that we are still wearing hoodies and socks all the time.Can you tell that I am getting impatient for Spring to show up? 

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