another week and I'm trying to get some better shots of both boys. but this week it is an iphone photo week. I have a whole second post about t-ball with some great shots that Matt took but I will get to those on another day. we are rounding the bend of the school year and although I am excited for Oliver to wrap up his year I have really enjoyed knowing his schedule day to day. He is doing a bit of summer camp and I am looking forward to some beach excursions and playing at the park with friends but I know the adjustment to having a lot of his day filled with activities to a lesser packed day will be a bit bumpy at times. Oliver is a total busy body and thrives on activities and routine (ahem...his father's child in that way). 

and then there is this guy! Huck is a good baby and we are trying to stay optimistic with his sleeping abilities. I had to go out and buy a breathable bumper because he is spinning himself around like a sundial at night and this morning got his little legs stuck between the slats of the crib...can I remind you that he is only 5 weeks old! yikes.  

it helps when you make that face, Oliver! oh and ps. he calls the binky a sucker. love him. 

Oliver continues to be a great big brother and all of the push back seems to be resting on his parent's shoulders which I suppose is far better that being resentful towards Huck. But his moods have been magnified. Good is great and bad is terrible. Dinnertime is an especially trying time of the evening and you throw in the fact that he is the world's slowest eater and you can see why some nights I just want to give in and feed him hotdogs every night!

we have also been getting a few awake smiles and smirks. I feel like I should have my camera glued on Huck so as to catch the elusive smile but they very sweet and there is something visceral about seeing your baby smile. It makes me immeasurable happy. Also he occasionally laughs in his sleep which is awesome. 

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